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Welcome to The Villages of Lake Highlands

Villages of Lake Highlands is a locally owned community where dedicated medical professionals and compassionate care givers provide a broad spectrum of healthcare services in a setting of refined elegance. Our extensive array of services, thoughtful amenities, superior dining, and beautiful décor are all specifically designed to provide a soothing environment which make resident stays more comfortable and family visits more enjoyable.

Named a Best Nursing Home 2024 by U.S. News & World Report

The Villages of Lake Highlands is a preferred network provider for Southwestern Health Resources

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Recent Reviews & Testimonials

“My dad came to Villages of Lake Highlands in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate the kindness, professionalism, and compassionate care we have received throughout this process.  The specialized area for your new guests to be quarantined safely and the secured skilled nursing memory care village have both provided the close, personalized attention my dad needs.  Because of all of you, I can sleep better at night, knowing that my dad is being well taken care of.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Joan W., Family Member

“My dear friend is fortunate enough to be a resident at the Villages of Lake Highlands. Although I miss his independence, I know that the staff takes excellent care of him. I rest much easier knowing he has the full attention of a nursing facility with such a nice location and staff. The residents engage in daily activities which help him with his cognitive skills. There are many on-site medical and therapeutic services as well as outdoor spaces for residents. For people who operate with more independence, they have housing as well. It’s beautiful. I have never seen a better staff or facility to recommend to any family or friend.”

Eric B., Friend
“My son is currently living at Villages of Lake Highlands. I am in the medical field and have seen so many long-term care communities. This place is far above all the others I have seen. When my son needs something, they are right there right away. They genuinely care for their residents. The staff makes sure every holiday, birthday or any celebration is observed which is a great way to show them every day counts. The cleanliness, the nursing care and the kindness of this staff is unlike any other I have seen. I am so happy to have my son in a facility where they care so much for him. During Covid thus far this location has seen 0 cases. They shut down the visitation before the government required so that they could protect the residents. This is the high standard they have that has kept my son safe.”
A. G., Family Member
“My sibling has lived in four, yes four, nursing facilities until we found Villages of Lake Highlands. I was very unimpressed with all the facilities prior to Villages of Lake Highlands. For the first time since he has been out of his own home, I can sleep at night knowing he is getting the best of care. This place is amazing. If you have someone you love who needs assisted-care I cannot recommend Villages of Lake Highlands enough. Over and above every day in every way. We are so blessed to have found this place for my brother to live out the rest of his years and meeting so many nice friends (staff, residents and family of residents) along the way.”
Joanna G., Family Member

“Dear Villages of Lake Highlands Professionals,

It would not be possible to convey all of the family’s positive comments regarding our mother’s experiences at your facility or to thank all of the staff members associated with her care. Simply put, the blessing of Thanksgiving and Christmas with mom was more than we could ever have imagined; thank you so very much!! Our story with you began in August of 2018, mom was admitted to the Villages of Lake Highlands after a very difficult hospital stay resulting from a compression fracture in her lower spine. More specifically, she presented to the Villages of Lake Highlands with hospital/medication induced delirium and was in desperate need of physical therapy, memory care, psychiatric support, and assistance with even the most rudimentary tasks. Despite this very difficult situation, with facility administrators and support staff working as one, our mother’s recovery has surpassed any and all expectations. Even though she will likely never be truly independent again, our eighty-nine year old mother has been able to return to a modestly independent life within an assisted living community; something we certainly thought impossible the day we entered your facility.

In closing, while our mother’s miracle truly belongs to God, we do sincerely appreciate those doing His work through the Villages of Lake Highlands!”

Family of D. Leask, Rehab Guest

“My dad came to Villages of Lake Highlands in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate the kindness, professionalism, and compassionate care we have received throughout this process. The specialized area for your new guests to be quarantined safely and the secured skilled nursing memory care village have both provided the close, personalized attention my dad needs. Because of all of you, I can sleep better at night, knowing that my dad is being well taken care of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Joan W., Family Member

Villages of Lake Highlands is among the finest healthcare facilities in Dallas County, and while it is aesthetically pleasing, what truly differentiates us is the quality of care we provide.

• We are rated in the top 10% of all nursing facilities across the country by the federal government.
• Our staffing ratios are more than 30% higher than our Dallas County peers.
• We employ three licensed nursing home administrators, and two administrators in training; most facilities employ only one licensed administrator.
• Unlike most facilities, we provide continuous registered nurse coverage including nights, weekends, and holidays, with three to four registered nurses working the floor during weekday business hours. No standalone memory care facility and very few skilled nursing facilities staff to this level of senior nursing.
• While each resident is unique and no outcome can be guaranteed, our therapy department’s functional improvement metrics are more than twice that of our industry.
• We are the exclusive preferred skilled nursing partner for the leading orthopedic clinic in North Texas.
• We are a preferred provider for the largest hospital systems in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Exceptional Senior Care

Beyond the front doors of this extraordinary healthcare community, you will find a lovely facility with one hundred private guest rooms and fifty-four companion guest suites featuring a non-institutional residential design aesthetic with beautiful furnishings and lush courtyards. However, what makes Villages of Lake Highlands special is the clinical care and customer service we provide our guests and their families. This video is an excellent introduction to the campus and our extensive array of services and amenities.

The following information summarizes the services and amenities we provide. A more robust description of our offerings is provided on the respective pages at the top of each page of this site.


Transitional care encompasses a broad range of services which facilitate the safe transition of our guests from an acute care hospital stay back to their home. This frequently involves rehabilitation to include physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Substantially all transitional care guests return to their home environment within a matter of a few days to a few weeks. Rehabilitation takes place in our 4,000 square foot state-of-the-art gym filled with advanced therapy equipment. Our gym features a full size non-ADA compliant apartment set up to mimic a home environment where our guests practice tasks of daily living such as making a bed, emptying a dishwasher, putting clothes in the washer, and stepping into a bathtub. Performing these tasks with therapists allows our residents to go home with confidence knowing they can perform the tasks necessary to function independently or with minimal assistance. While each case is unique and no particular outcome can be guaranteed, objective data indicates our residents achieve functional outcomes at twice the rate of our industry. We are a preferred partner with the leading orthopedic clinic in Dallas, and a preferred provider with the major hospital systems in Dallas.

Our skilled nursing services provide around the clock clinical care and assist with the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and medication management on an as needed basis. We feature continuous Registered Nurse coverage including nights, weekends and holidays with several RN’s on site each weekday. Most guests in need of skilled nursing are with us a few days to a few weeks as they recover from a chronic illness, complex disease process, or hospital stay. A few guests who are unable to return home stay at Villages of Lake Highlands long term. Our skilled nursing team cares for a wide range of complex illnesses and conditions to include wound care, cardiac care, respiratory and pulmonary care, stroke recovery, and neurological disorders. Our staffing ratios are among the highest in the industry, and Villages of Lake Highlands is ranked in the top 10% of all skilled nursing facilities in the county by the federal government. We are a preferred provider for each of the major Dallas hospital systems, as well as all insurance providers including Medicare advantage plans.

Villages of Lake Highlands is a leading provider of memory care services in the community. Our purpose-built facility is specifically designed to ease the burden a decline in cognitive function places on our residents and their families. We are one of the very few memory care facilities in North Texas which can care for residents throughout their full journey, including those who experience other common but significant healthcare issues such as a chronic illness, cardiac event, stroke, or orthopedic procedure. Our residents experience the best of both worlds – a warm, inviting residential atmosphere backed by a powerful clinical team featuring higher staffing ratios than most memory care facilities and on-site continuous RN coverage including nights, weekends, and holidays. We feature robust activities and an innovative wellness program which triggers fond memories, promotes socialization and helps maintain health and overall well-being.

Villages of Lake Highlands provides temporary respite care for families when they need it most in both the memory care and the skilled nursing setting. Being an at home care giver is a labor of love, but it can become overwhelming and all consuming. Sometimes care givers need a break to emotionally recharge their batteries or travel out of town or the task temporarily may become too difficult due or physically demanding, particularly after a hospital stay or surgical procedure. Regardless of the reason, you can have peace of mind knowing your loved one is well cared for until you are once again able to care for your loved one at home.

Palliative care and hospice services are often provided in the home. But for many families, in-home hospice may not be the best solution. For some, particularly a surviving spouse, the thought of a loved one passing in the home can be emotionally difficult. In other cases, the degree of care required to meet the resident’s needs or make them comfortable may require twenty-four care. If you or your family have chosen to no longer actively treat a terminal or life limiting illness and are considering a symptom management approach our medical director and clinical team can assist with a referral to a palliative care or hospice program.

Outpatient rehabilitation is for those living safely at home but require rehabilitation therapy to help them live free of a physical limitation or pain. In most instances, they require physical therapy; however, others may require occupational therapy, speech therapy, or some combination thereof. Whether an injury or illness occurred last week or years ago, our therapy team can you get back to doing the things you want to do. With expertise in areas ranging from single service orthopedic sprains, strains and post-operative care to comprehensive rehabilitation for neurological conditions, our goal is to help decrease pain, increase functional abilities and improve quality of life.


Villages of Lake Highlands is among the finest healthcare facilities in Dallas. Resident rooms are well appointed and feature a warm residential aesthetic as opposed to a cold clinical atmosphere. The facility contains eight nursing stations disbursed throughout the facility to put our care team closer to each resident; most facilities have one or perhaps two nursing stations. There are five dining areas, eight living rooms, an activity room, a multi-purpose room, and a beauty salon. The facility’s most unique feature are its five enclosed and secure courtyards. The facility boasts a state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym, and a specially designed therapy apartment which allows seniors to practice routine activities in a non-ADA setting which mimics their home, allowing guests to return home with confidence. The rehab gym contains several pieces of state-of-the-art equipment designed to speed recovery and improve functional outcomes. Villages of Lake Highlands features a central location with seven major hospitals including Medical City Dallas, Presbyterian Hospital, and Baylor Medical Center as well as the residential areas of Addison, Richardson, North Dallas, Park Cities, Lakewood, Casa Linda all within a twenty minute drive.
Our wellness team includes a certified personal trainer who works with residents to maintain or improve their overall health and mobility through group exercises. The workouts are often structured as games designed to be fun and highly social. Additionally, we employ a team of activity specialists whose sole responsibility is to engage residents in meaningful activities such as music therapy, art appreciation, crafts, and games which enrich our residents’ lives and promote a sense of well-being. In the memory care setting we employ an innovative technology platform specifically designed for seniors to help trigger fond memories of past travel, family outings, holidays, and seminal moments in time. We enjoy taking our memory care and long term residents off campus with past excursions to the Dallas museum district, parks around White Rock Lake, the Arboretum, and the State Fair of Texas. We coordinate multiple styles of worship and mid-week devotionals with local clergy, and have hosted guest speakers and entertainers to include “Elvis”, “Tom Jones”, “Frank Sinatra” and “Charlie Pride” among others.
Quality dinning is among the most important amenities in any healthcare facility. As with our clinical care, no shortcuts are taken in the kitchen. Villages of Lake Highlands benchmarks our dinning amenities against independent living facilities and restaurants, not healthcare facilities. We offer variety at each meal and rotate our menus frequently. We only use fresh ingredients; in fact, we rarely use canned or frozen produce of any kind. We provide additional options for residents on restricted diets to include heart healthy, gluten free, and sugar free options. Meals are made available when residents want them, and a handful of entrees are always available. We liven things up a couple of times each week with an omelet station on Wednesdays and a Belgian waffle station on Saturdays. We add an entertainment element monthly with themed meals featuring music and entertainment. In the memory care setting, meals are served family style to encourage social engagement, and we prepare many meals in front of our residents to stir memories of cooking and sitting around the dinner table.
Television services play an important role in the quality of life for residents and visiting family members. Villages of Lake Highlands distinguishes itself by providing a 43” television in each resident room and many larger televisions in the common areas. Our televisions by Senior TV which feature extra large fonts, a simplified remote, and no cable box. These features make our televises easier to operate. Senior TV also provides senior oriented programming emphasizing news, movies, syndicated shows, and local network channels. We also can broadcast a selection of movies directly to resident rooms. We also feature ‘Villages TV’ a custom channel available on all televisions. Villages TV displays images which rotate throughout the day covering weather conditions, the activities calendar, fun facts and quizzes, reminders for off campus field trips, and resident & staff photos. It serves to inform residents of everything taking place inside and outside the facility and helps build a sense of community.
Villages of Lake Highlands is one the few senior healthcare facilities in the Dallas area which features a small on-site pharmacy. The service is facilitated by a computer-controlled dispensary stocked with medications most commonly prescribed to seniors. The service is connected to a remote pharmacist who fills prescriptions written by a resident’s medical doctor. The primary benefit to our seniors is that when a medicine is needed, in most cases it can be readily obtained in as little as fifteen minutes.
We instruct employees that what they do each day is serious business, but to not take themselves too seriously. We believe laughter is often the best medicine, particularly when our guests and their families are undergoing stress related to a recent illness, surgical procedure, or memory care diagnosis. The ‘VOLH Vibe’ starts as soon as you arrive where you are just as likely to hear music by Aerosmith as you are The Glenn Miller Band. It continues as guests and families gather around our huge saltwater aquarium at feeding time. We do however take Halloween quite seriously with employees (even ownership) arriving in full costume. On any given day you may find a kangaroo hopping down the halls, a magician in the dinning room, or a clown making balloon animals for kids visiting their grandparents. Another way we relive stress is by providing free 15-minute chair massages to family members and our employees on paydays. Come see how the VOLH Vibe makes Villages of Lake Highlands so special.




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