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Television Services

In a senior community, television services play an important role in the quality of life for the resident and visiting family members.

Villages of Lake Highlands distinguishes itself by providing a 43” flat screen television in each resident room with many larger format televisions throughout the facility’s common areas. All televisions feature two types of specialty programming.

Senior TV – Each of the resident room televisions are provided by Senior TV. These televisions provide large fonts making channel selections much easier to see. These televisions feature a simplified remote control with fewer and larger buttons and there is no cable box. Finally, while Senior TV’s programming is enjoyed by people of all ages, it features news oriented, movie oriented, and local channels most preferred by seniors. Villages of Lake Highlands also has the ability to broadcast its own selection of movies and other specialty programming 24 hours a day to guest rooms.

Villages TV – Villages TV is a custom channel available on all televisions throughout the facility. Images rotate throughout the day covering weather conditions, the activities calendar, fun facts and quizzes, reminders for off campus field trips, resident & staff photos, and other unique imagery. It functions to keep residents informed of everything taking place inside and outside the facility. Additionally, the same imagery is available on line and on our Facebook page in real time, so that family members and loved ones can also have a sense of what residents are experiencing daily.


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