Hospice & Palliative Care

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Hospice & Palliative Care in Dallas

Comfort & Healing come in many forms.

Palliative care and hospice services are often provided in the home. But for many families, in-home hospice may not be the best solution. For some, particularly a surviving spouse, the thought of a loved one passing in the home can be emotionally difficult. In other cases, the degree of care required to meet the resident’s needs or make them comfortable may require twenty-four care, be physically demanding, or difficult due to a home’s construction (cannot fit a hospital bed, difficulty bathing due to small bathroom, etc.). If you or your family have chosen to no longer actively treat a terminal or life limiting illness and are considering a symptom management approach outside of the home, our medical director and clinical team can assist with a referral to a palliative care or hospice program. Through comfort and compassion our team can find a treatment plan that provides dignity and peace at any stage of life.


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