Knowing When Skilled Nursing Is A Good Fit.

As you consider the type of senior living community for you or a loved one, skilled nursing in Dallas, Texas is one option that may benefit you. Note that a skilled nursing community is not a nursing home. Unlike a nursing home, skilled nursing communities are required to provide a registered nurse on duty 24 hours seven days a week. If you are interested in a more advanced level of care, then communities like the Villages of Lake Highlands that provide skilled nursing may be the right fit for you.

What is Skilled Nursing
Skilled nursing is a senior living community that provides basic and advanced nursing care. To qualify as a skilled nursing community, as noted, there must be at least one registered nurse on the staff. Of course, communities like the Villages of Lake Highlands have far more than just one nurse available to residents. In addition, the lower the ratio of nurses to residents indicates a greater amount of personalized care.

Other features of skilled nursing communities include providing care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There must always be a doctor along with a nurse available to care for seniors. These communities are also required to provide medication to residents in-house. This requires the community to be able to store and dispense prescription medication safely and securely to residents. Staff must be highly trained and qualified to be able to provide this level of care.

What to Expect for Services
As a senior living residential community, skilled nursing centers are also expected to provide meals and personal hygiene for residents. This enables residents to have the best level of care thanks to an overall focus on their general health and wellness. Whether seniors need assistance via speech therapy or they are recovering after surgery and require physical therapy, skilled nursing communities provide a variety of therapies.

In addition, some communities provide an advanced level of care. For seniors suffering from a stroke, skilled nurses might provide stroke recovery services. Another example of advanced care via skilled nursing is memory care for patients diagnosed with dementia. Acute medical care for temporary illnesses or after surgery is also available at some skilled nursing communities.

Choosing the Right Skilled Nursing Community
As you search for the right provider of skilled nursing in Dallas, Texas, start with a few general questions:

• Do you require a more advanced level of treatment or medical care? If so, then skilled nursing offers residential, specialized attention that may be key to your wellbeing.
• Are you dealing with a wound and require constant monitoring? Skilled nurses offer would care onsite so that you are able to allow your wound to heal more efficiently.
• Do you suffer from Parkinson’s disease? Some senior living communities with skilled nursing also provide specialized treatment and therapy for Parkinson’s.
• Are you searching for a permanent place to live in a senior living community? At the Villages of Lake Highlands in Dallas, Texas, we provide seniors with a long term care community.
• At the Villages, our senior residents have access to the best senior living services. Along with 24-hour skilled nursing, we also provide a luxurious living experience as one of the most prestigious retirement communities in Dallas.

Contact for Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation in Dallas
As an established leader in senior living, our staff provides senior living, long term residential care, outpatient services, and respite care. Our seniors have access to physical rehabilitation, as well as memory care services for treating dementia, here in our community. To receive additional information about skilled nursing and rehabilitation in Dallas, call our office at 214-221-0444.

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